Giving roses to someone is a heartwarming pleasure for both the person who gives them and the person who receives them. But what are the things to keep in mind while gifting roses to someone? You might already be aware of the most common colors in roses and their significance. But do you also know the significance of the number of roses you present to someone? 

Well, it is very important to know the meaning of the number of roses when you send a gift of rose bunch or bouquet to someone. Else you may end up sending a wrong message unintentionally. Let’s see what different numbers of roses signify:

A single rose signifies, “Love at first sight” or if you have known and loved the person for quite a while, a single rose says, “You are still the one”. Two roses convey mutual love and affection between the two of you. Three roses simply convey, “I love you”! Four roses seal the pact of love with a promise that, “Nothing can do us part”. Five roses signify admiration and deep love. Six roses express a desire that “I want to be yours!” Seven roses signify infatuation. You send a bouquet or bunch of 8 roses to someone when you want to express gratitude for their care and support.  

Nine roses are similar in meaning to three roses. They signify eternal love and togetherness for as long as you live. Ten roses say, “You are perfect!” When you send eleven roses to someone, you are saying “You are the treasured one.” A dozen roses make a loving entreaty, “be mine!” Thirteen, the notorious number, is mysterious here too. When you send 13 roses to anyone, you are actually saying, “You have a secret admirer, who is yet to be discovered.” Thirteen roses, however, could also mean, “Friends Forever”!

Twenty-five roses convey to someone that you wish them happiness. 50 roses symbolize a love that has ripened. A hundred roses mean that you will be together till eternity. When you propose someone, you do so with 108 roses, which ask, “Will you marry me?”

Now you are equipped with the knowledge of a number of roses and their meanings. So, the next time you send roses to anyone, ensure that you convey the exact message or feelings you want to, by choosing the right number of roses.  

Number of Roses and its meaning

  • One Rose – Love at first sight
  • Two Roses – Mutual Affection or Marry Me
  • Three Roses – I love you and can be the perfect number of roses for proposal too.
  • Six Roses – Infatuation
  • Nine Roses – I will love you forever
  • 10 Roses – You are simply perfect
  • 12 Roses – Picking up the best from the lot and also be mine
  • 13 Roses – I am your secret admirer
  • 15 Roses – I am sorry
  • 20 Roses – My love for you is sincere
  • 25 Roses - Congratulations
  • 99 Roses – I will love you till I die
  • 100 Roses – Extreme devotion till you die
  • 101 Roses – You will always be the one for me
  • 365 Roses – I will love you each and every day
  • 999 Roses – I will love you till the end of time
  • 1001 Roses – Love that will live forever

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