Roses bring joy to everyone’s heart. Getting roses from someone near and dear will always bring a smile to your face. Just looking at roses makes one feel effervescent. The very thought of gifting roses makes you feel happy. But before you gift roses to someone, you should know what color roses to gift whom, lest you end up conveying the wrong message or may even offend the other person. Some of the most common rose colors and their corresponding symbolisms are given below:

Red: Red rose is the universally accepted symbol of love, especially the romantic love between a man and woman. So, you can gift this to your love or spouse on their birthday, Valentine’s Day and your wedding anniversary. In fact, you hardly need an excuse to present red roses to your love, do you?

Pink: Pink rose symbolizes soft gentle feelings of the soothing kind of love, not the passionate kind symbolized by red roses. Pink rose is also a flower of femininity, refined decorum, and a quiet elegance. Light pink signifies a gentle grace and a deep-rooted, contented happiness. Deep pink shows gratefulness and admiration.

White: Known as the bridal rose, especially in the western part of the world, the white rose stands for innocence, purity, and modesty. It is also a symbol of young, innocent love. Last but not the least; it symbolizes truth, reverence, and loyalty. It also says “I am worthy of you!”

Yellow: It has often been noticed that meanings change with time. This is the case with the yellow rose. In the Victorian era, a yellow rose symbolized jealousy or envy. But, today it is associated with a plethora of positive feeling. First and foremost, a yellow rose is an undisputed symbol of friendship and so is sent to your closest and bestest friends. It also symbolizes happiness, delight, etc. If you want to make a promise of a new beginning to someone, you send hem yellow roses. If you want to say, “Remember me” or “Welcome back” to someone, you do so with yellow roses.

Orange: Orange rose is the symbol of attraction and desire. These express admiration, with a subtle hint of passion and excitement.     

Lilac/purple: When you present a lilac or purple rose to someone, you are confessing to falling in love with them at first sight.

Now that you know the symbolisms behind various rose colors, we are sure that gifting roses will be a supreme pleasure!

Rose Flower Meanings Based on Color

  • Red Roses - the Strong emotion of love, longing, and extreme desire.
  • White Roses - Symbol of purity and innocence.
  • Yellow Roses - Evoke emotions of joy, warmth, happiness, remember me and enthusiasm.
  • Pink Roses - Convey mild emotions of admiration, joy, gratitude and appreciation.
  • Orange Roses - Signify emotions of passion and energy.
  • Black Roses - Black roses are given on occasion of both death and farewell.
  • Blue Roses - Convey something which is unattainable and impossible.
  • Green Roses - Green is the color of harmony, prosperity, and tranquillity.