Are you in love with flowers? Are you looking for a new business avenue? Would you like to become a famous florist in a short time? We can provide you with just the right opportunity. Join FTD, an online florist and gifting portal with a global presence, as a franchise today. 

Two of the most difficult tasks for any new start-up are to build the brand and getting your first customers. If you join FTD as a franchise, both these things will be taken care of! Not only is it a great platform to start your own business with a ready-made customer base, but also you have a brand name that is already reputed. So, you can do away with the painstaking process of brand-building. Some other advantages of joining FTD as a franchise are given below:

  • You will get training, full guidance, and support from FTD to open your retail shop.   
  • FTD takes care of the initial promotions when you open your retail outlet. The press releases, online and digital promotions are totally our responsibility.
  • You have access to various facilities provided by FTD to their franchisees.
  • FTD will help you in sourcing the flowers and gifts, as well as establishing tie-ups with local farmers and vendors. Our preferred vendor program creates stupendous buying power and you can really fare well at the negotiation table due to the backing of FTD.
  • You will be provided with a stock of packaging material, artificial flowers, glass vase, soft toys, premium balloons & other gift items by FTD India only.
  • You will get regular updated coaching and guidance on new designs by FTD and emerging trends in the floral industry.

So, this is a great avenue for those, who are looking at starting a new business in the floral and gifting industry but are not so confident about how they will get started.