How To Care for Fresh Flowers So They Last Longer

You have received a beautiful fresh flowers bouquet today and you want it to really last! Either it’s given or sent to you by someone very special or it is a really pretty bouquet which you would like to keep for a while! Well, you can make your flowers or bouquet last really long! All it needs is a bit of tender loving care! Flowers, after all, are really sensitive! So, you need to care for them sensitively and they will give you happiness for a really long time!

At FTD, we always ensure that each flower or leaf that goes into each of your orders is delivered fresh. These freshly plucked flowers can last really long if given proper care. Here are some basic tips for the care of cut flowers:

(1) Bacteria that grow in the water, in which flowers are kept, are the main culprits that ruin flowers and cause their decay. So, the first and most important thing you can do is to change the water in the vase or container at least once a day!

(2) Another important thing is to ensure that the water you use for the flowers is just about lukewarm. Also, ensure that the vase or the flowers are not kept in too cold or too hot a place. Some flowers, like tropical flowers, do need direct sunlight to survive, though, and these are exceptions.

(3) Many bouquets and flower bunches come with a packet of floral life extender! In fact, this is just a type of sugar which lowers the level of bacteria in the water. An aspirin too will do, if you don’t have flower life extender. But DO NOT put an ibrufen in the vase. Some other good alternatives can be the kitchen sugar, apple cider vinegar or even a coin at the bottom of the vase!

(4)  In addition to treating the water, you also need to treat the water at regular intervals. One of the essential ways to treat the stems is to trim them a little bit every day. You should trim them at a 45-degree angle.

(5) You need to get rid of leaves, flowers or branches that would fall below the water level in the vase or container. If these come into constant contact with the water, they cause bacterial growth. 

(6) If some petals or leaves or part of the stem is decayed, you need to prune immediately. If not culled, they will slowly spread their decay to the other flowers and ruin entire bouquet or bunch. 

(7) You should use appropriate tools to cull or prune the flowers. Never use the kitchen knife or household scissors to cut the flowers. Special scissors and tools are available for flowers and plants. You need to use those.

As you can see, if you follow these simple tips, the flower bunches and bouquets you receive will stay fresh for long and spread their cheer in your home and heart for days on end!

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